Rap & the Law

Essay #2: The New Revolution of Rap and the Law

Professor: M. Riviere
Email: rivi0001@umn.edu // mriviere@emetreceproductions.com

Select one of questions below for your essay #2 topic.

…….Questions will be posted on Week #9

Papers should be 5-6 double-spaced pages, standard one-inch margins with full references/citations. You may use either APA or MLA citation styles (either footnotes, endnotes or within text citations) as long as you are consistent in your writing style.

DUE: Week #12
Essay Assignment #2 is worth 15% of your total class grade

*Assignment dates are non-negotiable with the exception of extraordinary circumstances such as a personal or family medical emergency (in which case official documentation to the effect must be provided).

Plagiarism in any form will not be tolerated. Plagiarism entails use of previously published or unpublished works not of our own authorship utilized without citation or reference to original work.


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