Praxis / Theory

Hip-Hop Workshops:
Hip-Hop Workshop I: Rap/Lyricism with Desdamona
Hip-Hop Workshop II: Break dancing and Poppin’ with B-Girl Amy Sackett
Hip-Hop Workshop III: Turntablism with DJ Last Word
Hip-Hop Workshop IV: Music Production with Will Ways
Hip-Hop Workshop V: Graffiti Art (pending workshop leader)

Praxis/Theory essay:
Many times the theoretical education of hip-hop theory is not alternated with practice. I want students to not only learn about hip-hop from readings, lectures, discussion and films but also facilitate their ability to execute one of the primary elements of hip-hop taught by a recognized artist from the community. Students may attend as many of the  workshops as they like, however they are required to attend at least one and write an essay about the divide between practice and theory to pass the course.

Students are required to write a 5-page paper about their experience as it relates to class readings and discussion with regard to the divide between the praxis versus the theoretical scholarship of hip-hop. These reaction papers are due approximately two week after the scheduled workshop.

Previous workshops in the Twin Cities have been held at Intermedia Arts, Fifth Element, Fuzzy Slippers Studios, Carlson School of Management, the People’s Center and the Barbara Barker Center for Dance.

Twin Cities’ workshop leaders and guest speakers have included Desdamona, Carnage, Will Ways, DJs Fundamentalist & Last Word, B-Boy Daylight, and Aerosol Artists Chen & Rogger.


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