Lecture content is restricted to the class sessions, however a brief summary of lecture topics are listed below by weeks and sections.

SECT 1: Legendary Roots –
Week #1 Introductions, class format, and expectations
Lecture: “The Urban Cradle – South Bronx”
The political context – a Post-civil rights era: Black Panthers, Young Lords and street gangs such as the Savage Skulls, Nomads, and the Ghetto Brothers collide.
An overview of US government programs (COINTELPRO) and their methods utilized to dismantle political organizations and street gangs.
Film scenes from:
Chalfant, Henry & Fecher, Rita. 1993. “Flying Cut Sleeves.” New York: Sleeping Dog Films and “Ain’t Gonna Eat My Mind”

Week #2
The urban context continued…
Lecture: Hip-Hop’s big bang – “Rapper’s Delight” (SugarHill Gang) vs. “The Message” (Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five)
Voices and innovation from the “margins
Film: Chalfant, Henry and Silver, Tony.1984. Style Wars. New York: Plexifilms.

Week #3
SECT 2: “Hip-Hop!” the Four Elements and Pop Culture –

Lecture: “Hip-Hop goes Pop!”
Film scenes and class discussions on :
Ahearn, Charlie. 1984. “Wild Style.” Los Angeles: Rhino Entertainment Company
Television program: “Graffiti Rock”
Commercial impact of the Rock Steady Crew’s appearance in Lyne, Adriane. 1983. “Flashdance.” New York: Paramount Pictures.
Lathan, Stan.1984. “Beat Street.” New York: Orion Pictures

Week #4
Lecture: “Puerto Rock and Latin -Hop: Latinismo in America and its influence on the early development of hip-hop.”
Group discussion: break dance, locking and popping
Film scenes from:
‘Israel.’2001. The Freshest Kids. California: Brotherhood Films.
Silberg, Joel. 1984. Breakin’ New York: MGM/UA and the Cannon Group
Firstenberg, David. 1984. Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. MGM/UA

Week #5
SECT 3: The New Revolution & Gangster Rap –

Lecture: “A New Revolution of Rap: Anti-apartheid in South Africa and Sun City (Artists United Against Apartheid, 1985), Run DMC, Public Enemy #1, N.W.A., and X-Clan.

Week #6
Group discussion: What is the relationship between rap and the police 1988 – 2004. Review and group analysis of the following songs: “Fuck the Police” (N.W.A., 1988), “Who Protects Us from You?” (KRS-One, 1989), “Illegal Search” (LL Cool J, 1990), “Cop Killer” (Ice T, 1992), and “I Have a Dream Too” (Dead Prez, 2004).

Week #7
SECT 4: Rap and the Law –

Lecture and group discussion: Rap and the Law

Review case of homicide (“The Tupac Case”):
Davidson, Bill (The Estate Of) V. Time Warner, Inc., Tupac Amaru Shakur. 1992. Interscope Records, East West Records America, A Division Of Atlantic Recording Corporation Civil Action No. V-94-006.

Review case of censorship based on prior restraint (“The 2 Live Crew Case”):
Luke Records v. Navarro, No. 90-5508 , United States Court of Appeals For the Eleventh Circuit, 960 F.2d 134; 1992 U.S. App. Lexis 9592; 20 Media L. Rep. 1114; 6 Fla. L. Weekly Fed. C 532, May 7, 1992.

Week #8
SECT 5: Racial Politics of Hip-Hop –
Group Discussion: The Color of Hip-Hop

Week #9
SECT 6: Turntablism & Production –
Group discussion on turntablism & production – linear vs. circular cultural paradigms
Film: Prey, Doug. 2001. Scratch. Palm Pictures.

Week #10
Lecture: “The Sample and the Copyright: A Love Story.”
Film: Franzen, Benjamin and McLeod, Kembrew. 2009.PBS Independent Lens

Week #11
SECT 7: Bling Bling: Hip-Hop Consumerism –
Lecture: “Run DMC’s ‘My Adidas’ vs. Nelly’s ‘Airforce Ones’: Hip-Hop and the Entertainment Industry.”

Week #12
SECT 8: Gender & Sexuality –
Lecture: “Hip-Hop Herstory”
Film: Hurt, Byron. 2009. “Beyond Beats and Rimes.” PBS Independent Lens

SECT 9: Global Hip-Hop –
Lecture: A brief history of Reggaespañol, Spanish Rap and Reggaetón
Film: Michael Wanguhu. 2007. “Hip-Hop Colony.” Image Entertainment.

Global hip-hop group presentations



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